Making Marriage a Priority

There are many factors that go into a good marriage. While there are many different issues within a given marriage, there are common threads that run through all marriages. These common threads are the topic in this segment of Therapist Corner. The first thread that will be discussed is the issue of prioritizing. If a couple does not have their marriage as a high priority it is hard to make it a healthy relationship. Many people will remain married even if the relationship isn’t healthy, but our goal is to make the relationship great instead of having the couples feeling like they are just “existing”. Many couples will say that their marriage is a high priority but when asked what they spend most of their time and emotional energy on, we often find that the marriage is on the back burner and is not getting the proper time that it needs to be nurtured into a great relationship. All too often one or both of the spouses are spending more time with other commitments such as work, children, extended family, friends etc. It is critical to have a balance of all areas in a marriage, but if the marriage is continually pushed low on the priority list the couple will eventually find themselves in a place where one or both are unhappy and considering a divorce. It requires a true commitment to the marriage to begin to see positive change and to allow the relationship to reach its true potential. Our goal at Counseling Associates of the Four States is to help couples change patterns of behavior and learn tools to not only prioritize their relationship, but to learn how to care for the emotional needs and well being of their spouse and their “selves”. If a couple can understand past hurts that interfere with the way they currently relate as a couple and learn ways to avoid hurting their spouse in the future, they can begin to build love, communication skills, and other key components of a healthy and happy marriage. If you or someone you know is currently experiencing relationship difficulties, we are here to help.

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